Attempting to organize my thoughts and projects.

The main purpose of this website is to help me organize my thoughts and give a working schedule so I may be able to finish some personal work. I realized recently, going through several of my notebooks, that I’ve got over 12 open projects at this point. Having many ideas is great and all, but I realized I need to actually break things down and complete some major checkpoints on at least a few or I’ll just keep adding half-baked projects to notebooks and never actually get anything done.

So, with the rambling introduction done, here’s a list of projects I actually plan on trying to finish, hopefully at least one or two by the end of the year:

  1. An FPGA-based sound chip design, to be used in;
  2. A simple MIDI-capable synthesizer.
  3. A MIDI-capable business card.
  4. A Headphone Characterization Rig.

Each of the projects should have blog posts and such. Hopefully stay tuned for updates.